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Hi there! Welcome!

Hi there! Welcome!

I am an artist, illustrator, educator and the host of Art Side of Life Podcast. My art is full of flowers, characters, animals, and patterns. You will also find an inspirational quote here and there!

I have always loved creating something which brightens other people's day.

My inspiration comes from traveling, trips to nature, colors, and decorations on the old buildings, and animals. That's why my travel itinerary usually evolves around animal-related destinations, colorful buildings and flower fields.

Some of my most memorable animal encounters are swimming around stingrays, manatees and coral reef diving. I might have been a fish in a previous life :)

I am also the founder & host of Art Side of Life Podcast and YouTube channel which has been viewed & listened to almost 1 million times! I interview successful artists about their artistic journey and life story. Each episode is packed with tips and insights relating to the creative industry and their specialty.

I am currently based in Switzerland where I take advantage of beautiful nature and draw outside as much as possible.

Hope you will find something which you will love in my shop! If there is something special you would love to see, I would like to hear about it.

Love, Iva